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Practical renewable energy technology that reduces costs and helps the environment


Smart & sustainable energy consumption

Powerful & intelligent energy storage solutions,helping you maximize your energy potential.

Module Quality Control

On-Site Inspection
  • In-Line Quality Control We conduct factory visits during the production of ordered modules. Depending on the sampling rate, we may remain at the factory for an entire month to perform comprehensive quality control of the delivery.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection Assists buyers in assessing the quality of modules ready for delivery. This inspection not only identifies visible defects but also verifies the quality control measures used during production and the materials used in the modules.
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System Quality Control

  • Quality Control from Design to Commissioning
  • Module Sampling Test before Installation
  • On-Site Electroluminescence Inspection
    Captures electroluminescence images of PV strings without removing the modules. The specially designed Eagle Eye system can swiftly detect damage and degradation in PV modules, such as cracks and PID.


  • Investigation of System Problems
    Leveraging over 12 years of experience in PV production and research, we can analyse system failures and identify their root causes.
  • Third-Party Quality Issue Report
  • System Upgrade and Optimization
    We recommend solutions for system upgrades and optimisations, finding the most cost-effective ways to enhance the system and maximise return on investment.

Consulting & Training

  • Consulting Services for PV Installation and Manufacturing
    We assist customers with technical problems, offering advice on PV installation and manufacturing, as well as guidance on business strategy.
  • Training Courses for PV Systems and Modules
    Offering training courses on PV system and module manufacturing. Participants learn how to prevent quality issues and select reliable suppliers.


Instances of fault activity captured on LV networks


Train pantographs inspected annually


Hours of LV circuit load profile data captured and analysed

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